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Short-term rental apartments in Dnepropetrovsk at your service!
It is necessary for you to rent an apartment in Dnepropetrovsk for some days? You want to feel domestic conditions even on business trip or travel? Our real estate agency offers complete range of accommodation in Dnipropetrovsk from inexpensive one-room apartments up to four-room business class apartment in Dnepropetrovsk center.
We offer apartments for rent on any term: daily rent, several days, months.
Benefits of living in our apartments before Dnepropetrovsk hotels:
~  We grant a discount for regular clients.
~  We give a discount for renting the flat more than 7 days.
~  Our apartments are equipped with all that is necessary for a comfortable residing.
~  Rent is charged for the apartment, not for a person, thus several people can stay in one apartment.
~  Our fully serviced apartments are cheaper and more convenient than inefficient and expensive hotels in Dnepropetrovsk.
How to rent the apartment in Dnepropetrovsk
To rent an apartment in our agency is very simple, just choose suitable apartment for you on this site.
Choosing accommodation, reserve the apartment by filling out a booking form or alternatively call us:
+38(063)6609888, +38(050)9905568 from 8 am till 8 pm local time.

#01 A studio apartment Kharkivska Street $55 per night

This apartment can accommodate 2 or 3 persons and located on the second floor of five-floor brick house (no elevator). The silent, beautiful place of the city, only a 5 minute walk away from main city street - Karl Marks Ave. There are a well-groomed courtyard, a pure (clean) entrance of a house, a beautiful view from a window. The Central House of the Artist, a supermarket, a plenty of cafe, bars and restaurants near by.  More info...
A studio apartment for rent in Dnepropetrovsk city

#02 A studio apartment Karla Libknehta Street $55 per night

This very nice studio apartment is located on the third floor of five-floor building (no elevator), in the historical center of city, one minute of walking from a main Dnepropetrovsk street and 7 minutes of walking from the main square of the city (European sq.) There are lots of shops "CUM", "Europe" and other downtown attractions near by. The apartment is nicely equipped and furnished and can accommodate up to 3 people.  More info...
Dnipropetrovsk rental flat

#03 One-room apartment Leningradskaya Street $55 per night

This spacious one-room apartment is located on the fourth floor of a 14-storey building (elevator works) in the silent place of Dnipropetrovsk (city center). The flat has one spacious, light, full-sized room, separate kitchen, the big loggia. Two or three persons can live in the apartment, there is an additional berth.  More info...
Dnipropetrovsk one-room apartment for rent

#04 Two-bedroom rental apartment in Dnepropetrovsk center Karla Marksa Ave. $40 per night

The apartment is located in the beginning of Karl Marks Avenue. Glory (Slava) Monument, historical museum is within the walking distance. This is one of the most ecologically clean places of the central part of the Dnepropetrovsk. All necessary for comfortable residing up to 6 people: the big living area and bedroom with stylish furniture and home appliances, parquet floors, modern kitchen set.  More info...
2 bedroom apartment for rent in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

#05 A studio apartment one bedroom Dnepropetrovsk downtown Lenina Street $65 per night

This spacious one bedroom apartment with all conveniences and modern style: a big hall with pleasant interior and Italian furniture, built in Italian cuisine, can accommodate up to 5 guests of our city. The flat is located in central area of the city, just minutes are from most Dnipropetrovsk visited places, assuring a short walk to various downtown attractions. The apartment is equipped with TV set, dining table, integrated kitchen furniture.  More info...
Let Dnepropetrovsk apartments

#06 Daily rent apartment in Dnepropetrovsk center Hoholya Street $75 per night

This very nice apartment with the living-room, dining room and bedroom, good accommodation up to five people. The apartment is on the fifth floor of 14-storeyed house. The best personal comfort and privacy: large living room with modern furniture, equipped kitchen. The living room is separated from kitchen with modern set-out system that provides an opportunity for transforming kitchen into living-room-kitchen.  More info...
Rent Dnepropetrovsk apartments

#07 A studio apartment with 2 bedrooms on Zhukovskoho Street $120 per night

A light, spacious apartment with modern repair, brand furniture, necessary home appliances is located in a new high-class building with enhanced comfort. There is Shevchenko Park within walking distance, and also the drug store, wedding salon, furniture salon, clothes shops, cafe and restaurants nearby. The apartment with the total area of 70 sq. meters can accommodate up to 5 persons.  More info...
Accommodation in Dnepropetrovsk

#08 A studio apartment with 2 bedrooms on Karla Marksa Ave. $80 per night

This is spacious, 3-bedroom apartment on the 2-nd floor of a 5-floor building for daily rent. Just made remodeling, new furniture, the capacity is enough for 6 people. In the living-room there is a double-sofa which can be spread. There is a double-bed in the bedroom with orthopedic mattress, two separate beds, which can be joined for two people if needed.  More info...
Dnipropetrovsk hotel service

#09 A studio apartment with 2 bedrooms on Naberejnaya Lenina Street $90 per night

This is comfortable, modern apartment with beautiful view and open balcony is ideal for residing up to 5 people and located on the 4-th floor of 5-storey building, the crossroad of Lenin Street and city embankment. Rooms are light and spacious. In this city area everything is close: cafe, restaurants, the shopping and entertaining centers.  More info...
Rent 3-room flat in Dnepropetrovsk

#10 A studio apartment with 3 bedrooms Komsomolskaya Street $100 per night

The very nice and modern studio apartment for 7 visitors to stay. The apartment is in the downtown of Dnepropetrovsk, there is a mini-market, a restaurant, technical appliance store, amusement centre, Ekaterininskii square with fountains. This is a place with advanced city infrastructure: the set of restaurants, a cinema, cafe, clubs, shops - all that you need for a convenient stay in Dnipropetrovsk.  More info...
A studio apartment with four bedrooms - best alternative Dnepropetrovsk hotels

#11 Three room apartment in Dnepropetrovsk Pobeda district, Heroes Ave. $85 per night

The apartment is located on the 5-th floor of 9-storeyed building, elevator working. This 3 bedroom capacious apartment has a special design, modern furniture and is quite enough for 7 people to stay. The apartment is equipped with everything that is needed for comfort living. There are two separate balconies one balcony is glazed.  More info...
Short-term rental apartments in Dnipropetrovsk

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