City center view across Dnipro river
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#03 Two-bedroom apartment in Most City Center
A brand-new two-bedroom apartment-studio is located in the downtown on Glinka Street, 2 (most City Centre) and is equipped with all modern equipment. The apartment is located on the 7th floor of 24-floor building. New equipment and furniture, air-conditioning system “Foncoil” will let you feel yourself comfortable all day long.
In Most City Centre, built in 2010, you will feel yourself comfortable as nowhere else. The reception desk is in the hall, few levels of security of the building and apartments, video surveillance of the entryways, lifts and around-building territory. Guaranteed safety and comfort of city guests. Two-level underground parking as well as all-day-long protected parking around the building. Most City Centre is a large trade centre with cinema hall, cafes, restaurants and supermarket, which is located on the ground floor of Most City Centre.