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Dnepropetrovsk restaurants. Short summary and reviews.

Aprel Restaurant. Address: Voroshilov street 21. Tel: 726-60-00

This restaurant with the romantic name “Aprel”, original cuisine, sophisticated and unique interior harmonically goes together with the chief concept - “Just Love”. Here you can find the breath of spring, romance and love. Green pastel shades of sprouting plants favor and tempt you to have a rest, sinking into comfortable settees. The group of cooks has in their plans to make “Aprel” the trend setter of cooking art. The menu of this restaurant includes meals of Oriental, Italian and French cuisine.

High service standards have a good match with the quality of unequalled original cuisine. If you wish you can be a witness of culinary masterpiece’s birth with the help of “flambe” handcart. The music, played by real virtuosos, will indulge your ear and will also enhance your enjoyment with leisure time. The exclusive musical instruments “Yamaha” will gladden you with charming tones.

The upper hall of the restaurant resembles the atmosphere of mysterious Orient, and glassy tables, wicker handmade furniture and sheer-pastel tents makes you relax and forget of all your everyday routine fuss. Saloon bar, created in the “Marrakesh” style, with cushioned furniture and carpets will embrace you with his tender arms of homelike pillows and you will enjoy the charming atmosphere of this restaurant for real. Brand new acoustical and projective outfit will make you feel as if you are traveling and having a chance to see entertaining shows and concerts of the worldwide celebrities.

Atrium Restaurant. Address: Glinki street 2, shopping mall Most-city, 1 level. Tel: 790-29-65

The restaurant is specializing at European and Japanese cuisine. It seems that the owners have created this restaurant purposely to make its visitors be in the thick of events. Located on the first level of shopping mall Most-city it always arrests attention of passers-by. And those, who decided to enjoy their time in this restaurant will have a chance to observe everything around and be aware of all events, not missing a single moment.

The interior design with its soft tints and inclusions of elements in “Fusion” style creates pleasant and homelike atmosphere. The fountain in the centre of “Atrium”, like a real piece of art, completes the restaurant and adds it a special zest. The menu is composed to match all the sophisticated tastes of its Visitors. Anyone can find here something he likes: classical European cuisine is enriched with popular meals of Japanese cookery specialists.

Beer&Loga Restaurant. Address: Demian Bednii street 11. Tel: 370-43-11

This restaurant specializes at European and Russian cuisine. “Beer&Loga” is known as the most democratic restaurant of the city with a very distinctive interior, which resembles forest. There is a charcoal grill, placed at the very centre of the hall, where you can have you fish fried or meat roasted, and the guitar songs, played by bards – all this gives the restaurant a very special Russian aura. Here you can also find an aquarium with real catfish. If you want You can point any fish you like and it will be immediately cooked on the open fire.

Before the main course is ready you can help yourself with various meals, salads, pickled food, appetizers, which you can find on the cart, and put anything Your soul wishes on your plate. It is important to note that it costs only 9 hrivnas. If You have children with you, there is no way for them to be bored – real rabbits, running around “Berloga”, will entertain them. If desired, this “toy” can be yours. “Berloga” restaurant is a world of Russian cuisine, fast, high-quality service and the most unforgettable impression from the pastime. We are waiting for you!

Bon Otel Restaurant. Address: Komsomolska street 26. Tel: 726-55-55, 744-14-46

Tender glamour – this is how the elegant interior of this restaurant can be characterized. The luxury is not striking an eye here but at the same time every detail has its own charm and it can not escape an attention. As they say, colors here are not only matching each other perfectly, but also effect the appetite. Here Italian elegance harmonizes with European respectability, and this delicate cocktail leaves the unforgettable reminiscences. Restful light and charming music, as if closing you in, complete the whole image.

Visitors of the restaurant are offered the meals of Italian cuisine. The chief cook, haven taken the Mediterranean culinary culture as basis, added a new zest to Italian classics. However, any experiment in the culinary sphere is aimed to create an inimitable flavor. The menu of this restaurant is like an adventurous narration, uncovering the philosophy of true Italian manner. As for the desserts… If you try them once – you can fall in love forever. Particular care is devoted here to the decoration of the meals and, as important to note, it is of a really high level. Attention to the details – this is the distinguishing feature of this restaurant.

Zolotoy Petushok Restaurant. Address: Naberejnaja Lenina 37-D street. Tel: 34-35-59.

European, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine is offered here. The atmosphere of the restaurant will carry those, who value leisure time, into the fairytale, which is really hard to leave and not to enjoy ‘the creation of proficient storytellers”. The great contribution to the whole impression make the four halls of the restaurant, which are fully available for the visitors. The biggest one is, sure enough, the disco-hall. Our disco gives visitors an opportunity to have fun, dancing to the best music, played by a skilful hand of the DJ. Those, who want to take rest, can relish the splendid meals in the grill-hall, the interior of which will transfer you to Pushkin tales and will make you feel yourself a hero of these fabulous writings. There is a grill, located at the centre of the hall and the throne (for the visitors with very sophisticated demands) that will not only theoretically but also practically give you a chance to feel as if you are a king. All these details make the hall extremely unique.

Banquet room will throw the door open for the visitors, who want to take a full advantage of it. The sight of Dnepr, in combination with delicious meals will deepen the feeling of something unusual, cozy and pleasant but at the same time something serious and strict. Providence – this is one more golden rule of golden restaurant. It concerns the creation of the forth – kalian hall. Inhaling aromatic smoke, plunging into the wealth of Orient, you can not only relax but also feel yourself a personage of a fairytale “The Golden Cockerel”.

Kozaska Forteca Restaurant. Address: Artema 3 street. Tel: 32-17-83.

Visitors will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of meals, served in this restaurant. Here you will have a chance to try meals of Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian and Caucasian cuisine. “Kozaska Forteca” - is a real Ukrainian –ethnic restaurant. All best that Ukrainian cuisine has ever had is presented here. There are more then 200 of different meals, which “brought up” not one healthy generation. No food additives, only natural and health food. Every visitor can truly feel the taste of real homemade food. And of course, it is a happy chance to become familiar with cuisine of other nations. You will have your meal in one of two the most beautiful Ukrainian halls. One is decorated in West-Ukrainian style, the other – in East-Ukrainian style, the personnel is dressed accordingly.

This restaurant is a perfect place for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. About 150 of your guests can be set here: 50 people in the one hall and 100 in the other. You can order birthday parties with clowns and games for your children and at that time adults will have a rest in the other hall. One more advantage of the restaurant is democratic prices. You can even order a so-called “student wedding” from 100 hrivnas per man. In winter time you can try kulish or borsh that will warm you in a nasty, unpleasant weather. Or you can eat pies from the cooker, which is functioning in the big hall, where you will be having a rest.

Melrouse Restaurant. Address: Gagarin Avenue 3. Tel: 47-88-78.

This is best place for real Mexican and American food enthusiasts. If you want to visit America but not leaving the city – “Melrouse” restaurant is the direct road, cause it is a place with Mexican trend and all the attributes of American westerns - chip plaster, bulky wooden furniture, cactuses and the great variety of other “exclusive items” – witnesses of 50-60-s. What else does the tired with everyday fuss cowboy need – to get off well! Have you ever tried the meals of Mexican kaleidoscope: fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, caisadias, tacos, nachos that are popular all over the world? And what about real American meals, such as pork’s ribs “from Sam”, chicken wings “Buffalo”, chicken “Monterrey” in combination with American potato wedges or porridge “Koos-Koos”?

True experts of barman art will offer you stunning cocktails. Real machos, virtuosos and masters are at the counter. Original technique of mixing brings inimitable accents to such cocktails as: Margarita, Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Moxito, Premium Caipirinha, Mai Tai; fantasy and desire to please the visitors created absolutely exclusive ones: Siesta, Disco, Yamaica, Pussy Cat, Coma. Restaurant is practicing hot parties organizing. What is meant here is entertaining shows with the participation of not only Ukrainian pop stars but also exclusive acts of waiters and barmen: favorite dancing on the counter, awarding a rank of macho, feast rites. By the way, the staff has a keen sense of humor and practice individual attention to every visitor. Creative team of “Malrouse” is in love with the restaurant and always willing to please the visitors.

Reporter Restaurant. Address: Barricadna 2 street. Tel: 33-75-75.

This restaurant combines several components, especially selected for the comfort of the most sophisticated visitors. Because only here, where past goes side by side with present, the restaurant, a coffee-house and a so-called tap-house are presented.

The three-leveled restaurant is located at the very centre of the Dnepropetrovsk city and bears a dominant and at the same time mysterious name. “Reporter” - is an unusual place for unusual people. The root principle of its philosophy is quite simple, but nevertheless many-valued: “Always be different”. That is why every next level of its complex does not simulate the previous one. That is the very zest that attracts the visitors (in addition to the abundant menu, perfect service, extraordinary design and excellent wine card). Having left the noisy pub, which is unpretentiously located on the lower level of the establishment, in a few seconds you can plunge into the genteel atmosphere of the coffee-house, and having made just a few more steps you can enter a cozy hall of the restaurant on the highest level. It is of indescribable pleasure that everyone can come here at his convenience, because the restaurant is open from 7 a.m. and tap-house (bar) is pleasing its visitors on and on, as it is open on a 24-hour basis. Chefs of the restaurant will offer you delicious meals of Russian, Ukrainian and European cuisine

SanTropez Restaurant. Address: Gagarin Avenue 24. Tel: 46-00-11.

This restaurant is for true French food lovers. Here you can try a real art of French delicacies. As a matter of fact, French cuisine was always considered to be the best one and the one to follow. Step across the threshold and you will discover the country of love, aesthetes and gourmands. Natural goose liver, fresh, hot buns and mind-numbing almond parfait. The atmosphere of festival and French cuisine of castles and provinces took the place of intrigues and swards.

“SanTropez” is a love with a gentle dalliance and love-potion. Light wines and haute cuisine, entourage are maintained with special care and attention. Harmony – that is what you will feel first. The feeling is elusive and it is always hard to explain its reason. The interior is thought-out in everything (including the smallest things that can fasten your eye), exclusive style consists of minutiae. There are chairs of delicate workmanship, hammered made-to-measure, original lamps and finally unnoticeable trifles such as rounded corners.

Entering the restaurant you will see 2 halls: on the right hand – old city, on the left – luxurious yacht, landed to the coast. But the interior is not the main thing: every visitor will be offered a high-grade repast. There are French meals and French desserts. It tastes just the way it looks – always great.

Friday’s Restaurant. Address: Serov 2 street. Tel: 726-58-99.

Friday’s – is an international restaurant chain of American cuisine. There are more then 700 Friday’s restaurants in 55 countries. Friday’s is the most suitable place for those, who value a good food, companionship and high-quality service. People come here to have a meal and to relax, as it should be, in a friendly atmosphere. Here you can have a dinner with your friends, celebrate your birthday; organize a business meeting or a party. As our visitors say, the atmosphere of the restaurant helps to recover the inner balance. An inimitable and recognizable style is kept in decoration of the restaurant: red-white fence roof, wooden furniture and Tiffany lamps. There is also various bar seats with brass footrest in the bar – the best place for those, who would like to be the witness of barmen workmanship. The secret of Friday’s success is quite simple. Client’s wishes are a law here so that is why everyone feels himself here comfortable and easy, like home. Friday’s staff consists of young, energetic and pleasant girls and fellows. The restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere, which our clients mostly like.

Hootor Restaurant. Address: Pobeda Naberejna 40-A street. Tel: 370-66-00.

On the bank of the Dnipro river, sinking into the shadows of green residential area, in the very heart of a huge industrial city, there is a charming place – Hootor restaurant. The complex consists of Ukrainian hut and dozens of garden-houses, fitted well to the scenery. Hut – is a brumal restaurant of 300 square meters floor space, decorated in national Ukrainian style with real household articles that were in use some 100-200 years ago. The hall of the restaurant is a yard of Ukrainian farm. Here you can see a mill, a Potter and a Kazak’s huts, a house of a grumpy Soloha and a wild-hive beekeeper. Each of the houses is a carefully elaborated authentic recreation that narrates us of everyday life and habits of our ancestors: to drink hard, to have a good bite and to have fun after the everyday work.

The original cuisine of this restaurant is a special talking point, because nowhere but here you will find so perfectly baked fish, reared nearby, in the pond; sucking pigs, poultry from our farm. For those, who want to have a rest in seclusion we can offer comfortable houses. In some of them there are fireplaces with the open fire. It is a perfect place for a business lunch, a romantic date and a heart talk. You can visit “Hootor” with the whole family, having confided your baby to the care of a professional babysitter. We will do our best to make your baby feel comfortable. There is also a playground, constructed specially for your children to have fun there.