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Frequently Asked Questions about accommodation service in Dnipropetrovsk

~  What is apartment rental?
~  What is serviced apartment?
~  What is included with an apartment?
~  Are there any hidden costs?
~  Is there high speed Internet in the apartments?
~  Do you offer any discounts?
~  How do I get to the reserved apartment?
~  What if my flight or train is delayed?
~  What is usual Check-In / Check-Out time?
~  What is the booking procedure?
~  What´s your cancellation policy?
~  What if something breaks or malfunctions in the apartment?

The apartment rental

The apartment rental is a beneficial alternative to local hotel suite. It is the apartment that you can rent from 1 night up to several months in Dnepropetrovsk city. Moreover rent is charged for the apartment not for a person, thus several people (your family or friends) can stay in one apartment.

The serviced apartment

The serviced apartment is a separate apartment, that includes a spacious living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, with all necessary domestic appliances for comfortable stay in Dnipropetrovsk. Moreover it's not just a separate flat, but "serviced" which means the apartment is maintained and cleaned for you, in a similar way as the hotel room.

The following is included in the apartment

We offer all range of the apartments from studios till 3 bedroom apartment. All our accommodation includes furnished living and sleeping areas, equipped kitchen with everything needed for basic meal preparation, linen (sheets, towels) and everything else you may need for home like living. As for our apartment service we do: maid service before check in, maid service once every week.

The hidden costs

There is no any hidden cost. The price contains rent, utilities (energy consumption), maid service before check in, weekly maid service (more frequent - if requested) and VAT.

The high speed Internet in the apartments

All apartments have dial up connection capability, which can be used with any laptop with a modem. This service is free of charge, but you have to buy the Internet card, which is sold on every corner of Dnipropetrovsk city. Also you can buy this card from our manager if needed, the lowest denomination starts at 35 hrv ($7) per 25 hours Internet access. Also you can use high speed Internet access through wireless data CDMA channels, provided by MTS or PeopleNet companies. An average speed is from 200 to 800 kilobits per second. The maximum speed of the incoming traffic is 3.1 megabits per second. Our manager will assist you with installation and testing of the modem for free. Using this modem you get connected always and anywhere in Dnepropetrovsk city – free moving on the whole territory of network coverage without disconnecting. Now your workplace can be truly mobile! This high speed Internet connection is offered at the following rate $7 per day (unlimited traffic). The modem is available for our apartment rental customers and comes with a fully refundable $200 security deposit which is refunded upon your departure when the device is turned in to our manager.

The discounts for our clients

If you book with us for more than 7 days we will offer attractive discounts. Also we grant the discounts for our regular clients.

Transportation service

We provide meeting and transfer service, with English speaking driver and business class car, at the airport / train station in Dnipropetrovsk city at the following rates $40 / $20 accordingly. Also you will have the exact address of your apartment with your booking confirmation, so you can catch a taxi of your own.

What if my flight or train is delayed?

If your flight / train is delayed for more than 2 hours we reserve the right to cancel pickup and in these instances will charge the standard $40 for airport / $20 for train transfer. If our driver waiting for more than 2 hours (due to flight or train delay) an extra $15 surcharge will be added to the transportation fee. If you choose to arrange a taxi of your own, and your flight is delayed simply call us and we will make appropriate arrangements free of charge.

Check-In / Check-Out time

Check-in is from 1pm (13:00) and check-out is by noon (12:00), local time. If these times do not suite you please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The booking procedure

If you want to reserve Dnipropetrovsk apartment you should be ready to send us a reservation deposit, equivalent of one night rent guarantees the booking. The rest of the sum you will need to pay in cash after your arrival.
If you do not want to send the deposit we will get you the best flat available at the time of your arrival.
Once you have found the apartment you require, please fill out the booking form, which send your info to our manager.
After we confirm availability of the apartment, you will be asked to pay the reservation deposit. We accept payments by Credit Card or by Western Union Service.

The Cancellation Policy

We strongly recommend you to plan your trip in Dnepropetrovsk before booking the apartment. If you decide to cancel your reservation, or change your arrival/departure date the reservation deposit will not be refundable, because we guarantee apartment availability for the booked period, and refuse other clients interested in accommodation. However reserved apartment is a subject to be changed if some electricity/water/heating cut off or breakdown occurs and it can not be fixed by your arrival date. In this case we provide you with equal or even better accommodation at the same price without prior notice.

What if something breaks or malfunctions in the apartment?

If something breaks of malfunctions in the apartment while your stay we will dispatch a repairman immediately to fix the problem. If the problem can't be fixed in a reasonable amount of time we will relocate you to another apartment of equivalent or better standard

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