City center view across Dnipro river
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Places of interest in Dnepropetrovsk region

There is an operating round-the-clock center for tourists in Dnepropetrovsk (3, Plekhanova Street). There you can take a map of the city for free, all the sights are already marked in: parks, museums, monuments, theaters, cathedrals, shopping centers and even markets. Of course, it’s not the only place to get this map, it is also sold on bus stations, hotels etc.

Historical tourism is quite popular in Europe. In Ukraine these are Lvov and Chernovtsy which already have good reputation as historical centers. Now it’s time for Dnepropetrovsk region to show it self. By one hand, it is a center of Cossack history. By the other one of industrial tourism (for ex. which is successfully realized in Chicago).

For the six months of existence, our center of industrial tourism has already adjusted two regular excursions displaying our city as the industrial and space-rocket capital.

The first one – a free trip to Interpipe-stal plant, with its 5 art objects: the artificial sun "The Dnepropetrovsk rising", the tunnel, mirrors on the wall of the shop, which represent the evening glow in all possible variations, drawings on enterprises’ facade and 22-meters long "bridge of reflections", connecting household rooms and shops. That symbiosis of art and industry impresses tourist a lot. At least three excursions go there every day.

The second one – an excursion to the astronautics Museum(20 hryvnias). Unfortunately, it is forbidden for everyone to visit the most mysterious and most important object of Dnepropetrovsk - Southern Machine-Building Plant, but the astronautics Museum is a quite good alternative. There is no other place to see the missiles 30-40 meters long. Where else you can stand at the wheel of the plane and try to feel as a real pilot? Never-to-be-forgotten life-size models of space satellites. But for such an excursion you should order tickets beforehand , because it goes only 3 times a month.

To join any of these excursions, the only thing you should is to come to our office. The services are free. Also there are several tours over the region(you pay only for transportation) :a winery in Sinelnikovsky area (50 hryvnias), an ostrich's farm with mini-zoo(rabbits, horses, antelopes, goats and rams) in the village of Mayskoye (costs 50-80 hryvnias). An excursion to the salt Mine of Soledar (Donetsk region)- 100 hryvnias.

Within half of a year of our laborious work, the number of excursions increased 3 times. Among our clients people from Dnepropetrovsk region, Russians, Turks, Arabs, Americans and Spaniards. These people come to Dnepropetrovsk for various reasons, but our free excursions is a very nice surprise for all of them.

We are going to organize some new trips, within preparation for "Eurobasket-2015". For example, tours to Krivoj Rog concentrators, Galoushkovka khutor, Petrikovka. Moreover, there will be more interpreters for your convenience. Administration of the region completely supports such an undertaking.

Petrikovka comes into notice

Petrikovka painting is a visiting card of the Dnepropetrovsk region. This year that famous painting can be noted down to the UNESCO list of non-material cultural heritage of the mankind. That is why that small village attracted so much attention and not only from the side of Ukraine.

In Petrikovka national art museum you can take a look at works of our masters, purchase them (50-2000 hryvnias for an item) or even order the master class. Master class will cost you 25 hryvnias(for children), 35 hryvnias(for adults). Not far away from Petrikovka there is Sotnitskoe stud farm where you can take part in excursion or ride a horse, if you want.

There is also a composite tour, including two trips at the moment - Petrikovka and Galushkovka Cossack khutor. Examining national color there will cost you 130 hryvnias a day. Trip to the ethnographic museum “Mykolyn khutir” (village Krasnopartizanskoe) is also included. Here you can admire subjects of national life, make photos in national suites, taste ukrainian borsch with pampushka and vareniki. If you want to go there on your own, it costs 20 hryvnias and it takes one hour to get there.

The Cossacks – it’s not only Hortitsa

It is not obligatory to go to Hortitsa to admire Cossacks and their history. Many of theirs settlements were placed in Dnepropetrovsk region. We’ve already spoken about Galushkovka khutor founded in XVII century by Zaporozhye Cossacks. Now it is called village Gretchnevoje and it disposes a model of a Cossack fortification “Sich” and three country estates, built in XIX century. The first estate – tavern and country life museum, the second- estate of the local potter (on reconstruction), and the third one is the house of a well-known master of Petrikovka painting. The six hour excursion will cost you 200 hryvnias. This price includes meeting with horse Cossacks, admiring the Cossack fortification “Sich”, visiting the country life museum, stories about traditions and life of Cossacks, Ukrainian dinner and supper. Master class from pottery or Petrikovka painting will cost you 25 hryvnias extra (duration - 25 minutes). Also it is possible to stay there for a night (300 hryvnias – room for two people ).

Kitaygorod churches in Tsarychanskyy district are also one of the Cossack sights. This temple complex consists of three stone baroque churches: Uspensky, Varvarinsky and Nikolaevsky. The oldest of these churches were built in XVIII century under the rule of Pavel Semenov, the Kitaygorod sotnik. Concerning Uspensky and Varvarinsky churches, these ones have no analogs in the Ukrainian architecture.

Finally, one of the most curious Cossack places, right next to the regional center – it is Staryje Kodaki fortress. It was built in 1635 by the order of the Polish government. In due time, it was a center of Zaporozhye armies. There still you can find two bastions, a rampart and a castle cemetery. An excursion to Staryje Kodaki costs 50 hryvnias(on average).

Read more about places to visit in Dnipropetrovsk city in our next article.