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About Dnepropetrovsk clubs, recreation and SPA short summary

Billiard club “Voshod”
Address: Naberejnaya Pobedi 82, str. Tel. (056)360011

It is a twenty-four-hour club. Every Saturday and Sunday there is a billiard school. The cost of studding is 100 hrn per month. There is also a parking place for visitors’ cars.

Bowling club “Civilizacia”
Address: Naberejnaya Lenina 33, str. Tel. (056)7265159

Over several years of its existence this club became a favorite leisure place for many people. Regardless service, professionalism of its staff, sophisticated cuisine and nice interior – this is the visit card of “Civilizacia”.

For those who want to relax in a pleasant surroundings there is tea room. Calm, informal conversation with a cup of tea in a kind atmosphere will make feel the real pleasure. And contemplation of tea brewing and tea ceremony itself will make your knowledge of “Tea Dao” more profound, will help you to sort out your feelings and will make you understand that “tea – is a real masterpiece and to brew it up perfectly the hand of a muster is needed”. For exotics – lovers there is a hookah - the high day of taste and feelings.

Karaoke-bar “Malina”
Address: Naberejnaya Pobedi 82, str. Tel. (056)360011

The only place of its kind. This is the place where you can sink into large pink couches, have a joy with your friends and not restrict yourself when your soul asks for singing. Moreover here you can find plasma displays with texts of the songs for this purpose. Everyone who wants to sing can get a microphone.

Night club “Berlin”
Address: Naberejnaya Pobedi 82, str. Tel. (056)360011

A perfect place for various visitors and for those who like r’n’b music. Here the atmosphere of joy and razzle-dazzle reigns. Sushi-bar is at your disposal.

“Play” Night club
Address: Naberejnaya Pobedi 82, str. Tel. (056)360011

This club must be the most popular club of our city. Visitors will be surprised with the variety of music styles, popular Djes, who pay visits to “Play” club, and also the capaciousness this place. This club has enough room for up to one thousand people. There is a hookah – bar on the second floor. That is the place where you can listen to a slow pleasant music, have a rest and… go on in the night club Play

Night Club “Pudra”
Address: Naberejnaya Pobedi 82, str. Tel. (056)360011

This club can be justly called the most elite place, because as you pay for the entrance in Pudra you can visit both Sphere and Berlin without any limits. Luxurious interior, soft and comfortable couches, paintings on the wall, elegant candlesticks and unhackneyed dresses of waitresses are the components that will surprise the newcomers and please our loyal clients.

SPA center “Tsunami”
Address: Oktyabr'skaya 12ŕ, av. Tel. (056)7402047

“Tsunami” is the representation of a healthy way of life philosophy, which combines the unique methods and technologies, leaded by professionals of a high level. In this centre you can easily get psychological, physical and emotional comfort in the borderless space of smells, sounds and tranquil beauty. This center of ideological model is the entity of eight trends of the world healthful culture, every one of which represents the unique combination of health-giving methods of West and East culture.

SPA center offers you different kinds of baths culture of the world - Rome, Russian, Japanese, sauna, Turkish and also the infrared room. Swimming pools – big swimming pool with underwater music and the system of smaller pools: sea and ice swimming pool. The system of tropic rain showers. Snow room for contrast feelings, salt rest room. Kids club, solarium and Jacuzzi.

Non-traditional techniques of recovery: ajurvedic medicine Chinese medicine, marmatherapy, mocsotherapy, rebalancing, acupuncture, pranayama, su-djok, cigun, reiki, yoga. Fitness centre and Fight Club – kung-fu, karate, kiokushinkai, dzen-gymnastics, taidjiquan, the prize-ring.

Programs for pregnant and kids, aqua-aerobics, solarium, gym with press machines by “Nautilus” ( over 30 of different kinds), Dance aerobic ( over 20 kinds), dance classes, cardio-machines and theater. World massage culture: over 50 kinds of different techniques. Cosmetological procedures: thermo SPA, aquadelicia, balneology, fang therapy, thalassotherapy, hair, face treatment, manicure, pedicure, professional face and body skin care.

The healthy food restaurant “Fusion” in SPA center offers European cuisine, sushi-bar, “Tea place”, “Phyto – bar”, “Fitness-bar”. Here you can indulge yourself with delicacies of this restaurant after having healthful procedures. Healthy food, natural juices – tasty and healthful! For gourmands, for those, who keeps his body in fit, and for those, who takes care of his own health. There is a wide offer of original and light meals. Only natural products of high quality, their perfect combination and professionalism cooks and everyday renovation of special meals by chef-cook – that is logic continuations of your day in SPA centre ”Tsunami”. We guarantee you kindness, harmony of your rest and development, comfort, modern equipment, unique interior and exterior, care and attention of our staff, company of progressive, developing people and unique corporative culture.

Tourist center “Rosinka”
Address: Orlovschina village, Tel. (056)7856163

Here comfort and pleasure combines with homelike atmosphere. The approach to our clients is strictly individual. Comfortable rooms are equipped with TVs, fridges and other household appliance. Everything that is needed for your convenience is available here. Tourist center offers everything you may need: wooden summerhouses, tennis, volleyball – all these unites with time spending on the open air that will sort out all your thoughts and will fill you up with energy.

“Kozaske selo” - restaurant with home cuisine and conference-hall for 50 people is at your disposal. Restaurant halls will surprise you with its interior; your eye will enjoy paintings that cover the stories of Ukrainian village life. The fireplace will add the feeling of romance. In this restaurant you can celebrate the wedding, birthday and hold the business meeting. In the parching summer time it is good to have a rest and taste our meals in summerhouses among trees and listening to the birds singing.

On the territory of our complex there is sauna with a swimming pool, the rest room, TVs, music center, where you can relax and sink into the pleasant atmosphere, leaving city mess behind. Having attended this place once, you want to go back here and bring your family and friends. So do it! Enjoy the moments when you can live free and have pleasure.

Recreation Department “Gnezdo Gluharya”
Address: Kirovskoe village, Orel'skaya 3, str. Tel. (056)7852888

If you want to spend your time with use, so this place in the pine forest, on the shore of clean river Orel is just what you need. Amazing houses in the forest, cleanliness of untouched nature, the proximity of one of the clearest rivers in Europe makes you want to initiate horse and feet walk. There are also horses at disposal of those, who like horse walk. And those who are earning skills of horse riding can consult qualified instructors. Those who love fishing have all reasons to pay a visit to the camp “Gnezdo Gluharja”. It has a lake of its own, where catfish, carps, white amour live – this is the ideal place where you surely have a significant yield. By the way, if you want, some part or even all your fish landing can be cooked here at once, in the forest restaurant.

Forest cuisine lovers are welcome to the restaurant, which is located right at a place. Poultry, mushroom meals, fish, different deserts on the forest berry basis is a distinctive feature of “Gnezdo Gluharja” cuisine. We may ensure you that you have never tasted a sea-buckthorn fruit-drink that is cooked here with the old recipe. This is an amazingly tasty drink, that brings your energy after long walks, increase appetite and lets you sink into a forgotten, but still alive in very one of us forest life spirit. To follow all the traditions of Ukrainian hospitality, to indulge everyone, even visitors with high demands to a forest cuisine you will be offered only fresh products, meat and poultry.